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How to Convert Adobe Digital Editions to AZW3

Adobe Digital Editions (abbreviated ADE) is an eBook reader program produced by Adobe Inc. It is used for reading and managing eBooks as well as other digital publications. The software supports PDF and EPUB formats but not AZW3 from Amazon Kindle. We know that Amazon Kindle has a strong background in publishing eBooks and it has almost taken the head of the eBook industry. For Amazon Kindle, AZW and AZW3 formats are being used for most of the time. AZW3 was released by Amazon in late 2011 along with the release of Kindle Fire, it is a variation of AZW and also known as KF8, and it supports more styles, fonts, layout when compared with AZW and MOBI.

Now the question is, is it possible to convert EPUB or PDF files of Adobe Digital Editions to AZW3, which makes them readable on a Kindle device like Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis? Of course, it is possible, and it can be much easier than you ever thought. In this article, we are going to introduce you to a very simple tool that is functional in converting files from ADE to AZW3 format, which enables you to put them in Kindle devices to read.

Convert ADE to PDF

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Any eBook Converter is a combination of eBook DRM removal tool as well as eBook format converter, specially designed for removing DRM from Kindle, Adobe, Kobo & Nook eBooks and converting them to DRM-free EPUB, PDF, MOBI, AZW3, TXT or KFX format in batch.

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How to Convert ADE eBooks to AZW3 with Any eBook Converter

Adobe Digital Editions needs to be installed on your computer before running Any eBook Converter. If your eBooks are .acsm files, simply open them in Adobe Digital Editions, and the the eBook files will be downloaded automatically. If not, you will need to open them in ADE, and then click “Library” button and select “Add Item to Library” to import them to Adobe Digital Editions.

Below is a full demonstration of converting Adobe Digital Editions eBooks to AZW3 format with Any eBook Converter. First, please have the program installed on your computer.

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Step 1. Add ADE Books to Any eBook Converter

Select "Adobe" on the left panel and the program will detect all available eBooks in your Adobe Digital Editions library. Drag and drop the eBooks you want to convert to AZW3 to the right panel.

Add Adobe eBooks to Any eBook Converter

Step 2. Choose AZW3 as the Output Format

Select “AZW3” as the output format at the bottom. And by clicking the “Settings” button on the upper right, you can select the output path folder for the converted books.

Choose AZW3 as Output Format

Note: The program retains the original quality of all eBooks and keeps all metadata after conversion. And by clicking the "Pencil" icon on the right of each file, you can edit meta information that are important to you including title, author, publisher, etc.

Step 3. Convert Adobe Digital Editions eBooks to AZW3

Click "Convert to AZW3" button to start converting the Adobe books to AZW3 format.

When the conversion is done, you can find the converted AZW3 files by going to the “History” on the upper right or directly check them in the output folder you set in previous step.

Convert ADE Books to AZW3

Now that you've converted your ADE eBooks to AZW3 format, you can simply connect your Kindle device to your computer with a USB and transfer the converted AZW3 files to the Kindle device you have. Remember to check out this article if you wish to convert AZW3 to EPUB format.

Note: The free trial version of Any eBook Converter can convert one book at a time. Simply purchase the full version if you'd like to convert more books all in once.

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